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27/07/2017 09:21
   Monthly Update


We have not been sitting idle and are pleased to bring some positive news as well.

The Revsplit Network Company has changed administration(owners). We came with lots of new updates that will benefit all members (Advertisers and Promoters) of the Network. 

What's New?

New traffic advertising prices

We are pleased to announce new ultra cheap traffic prices on Revsplit Network. With these new rates, focusing on more credits for 18% less cost, we hope to make the step towards advertising for everyone much smaller. 

New Geo-targeting traffic advertising

Advertisers can now target their ad campaign to any country of their choice and only people from the selected country will see their ad campaign.

20 Naira Per click 

Our N20 per click payment module gives you, our promoters/publishers an increased in earnings from the Revsplit Network.

All pending withdrawals cleared 

All members pending withdrawals have all been paid out. see Testimonials for amazing testimonies.

Suspended Accounts Unsuspended

We have unsuspended banned members and reset their account to new giving them second chance to work right and earn from the network genuinely.


Coming soon!!!

- Premium Membership

30% Promoter Referral Income

Massive Promotion Week 

- Grand Referral Challenge

Pay Per Promotion(PPP)

Last but not least, we want your feedback and suggestions on how to improve Revsplit Network even more in the future! We will be happy to hear from through 



Best Regards